Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is Mamie. Okay, I know it's kinda queer naming her after Auntie Mame but that's Larry's favorite movie. Perfect name for this cutie; an American Hairless Terrier, who'll be flying from Kansas (my home state) to Philadelphia to live with us. It's a lot of responsibility, I know, but I'm ready for it. Larry's allergies and asthma have prevented us from having a pooch, which is fine because Larry will always be No. 1, the name of our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Why are there so many Chinese Restaurants called No. 1? Anyway, now we've found a breed that's hair and dander free. Mamie will need to wiped down and lotioned regularly. She'll need suncreen in the summer and a coat in the winter when outdoors. AHTs are rat terriers. They are great dogs with wonderful personalities and we're looking forward to welcoming her into our family.


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